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David Gans, Home Sweet Home (2019) PERF-20

Solo loop improvisations, spring 2019.

Loop 2, 5/30/19; Loop 3, 5/30/19; Loop 4, 5/30/19; Loop 1, 6/4/19; Loop 2, 6/4/19; Loop 3, 6/4/19; Loop 4, 6/4/19; Bonus track

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Fragile Thunder, One Afternoon Long Ago (2019) PERF-19

Anela Lauren, Celtic harp &vocals; Stephen Inglis, electric and acoustic guitars & vocals; David Gans, acoustic guitar &vocals; Robin Sylvester, bass

St Stephen; Dark Star (acoustic); Dark Star (electric); Jacqueline


Drop the Bone

David Gans, Drop the Bone (2017) PERF-17

Studio album of songs and improvisations in a variety of configurations. Featuring Holly Bowling, Bob Bralove, J Raoul Brody, Jordan Feinstein, Terry Haggerty, John Hanes, Joe Kyle Jr., Robin Sylvester, Eric & Suzy Thompson, et al.

Life Is a Jam, Be Like Earl, Summer By the Bay, River and Drown, Pleased to Meet You (part 1), Your Movie, That Strain We like, Box of Rain, Pancho and Lefty, Quarter to Five (for Tina Loney), Here Comes the Sun

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BONUS DISC with alternate takes, jams, demos, and radio edits.


Chocolate Coffee Pot: Chocolate Coffee Pot (2016) PERF-15

Studio improvisations. Jim Brighton and David Gans (guitar), Robin Sylvester (bass), Neil Hampton (drums), Jordan Feinstein (keyboards), Jeff Hobbs (sax, fiddle, percussion). Engineered and co-produced by Jeremy Goody

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David Gans: It's a Hand-Me-Down (2015) PERF-14

An album of "solo electric" interpretations of songs by the Grateful Dead. CDs available by mail.Also available onBandcamp, iTunes, HDTracks, etc.

Stagger Lee, Lazy River Road, Ship of Fools-> Loser, Looks Like Rain, Wharf Rat,
Stella Blue, Black Peter-> New Speedway Boogie, Deal, Terrapin Station, Attics of
My Life, Brokedown Palace

BROADCASTERS: "FCC-Clean" edit of "Wharf Rat" here

David Gans: You Are Here (2015) PERF-13

Studio recordings of original material, featuring Mark Karan, Robin Sylvester, Jacob Groopman, J Raoul Brody, Mookie Siegel, et al.

Blue Roses, Desert of Love, Plum Wine/Plum Jam, Therapy Blues, These Apartments, Shut Up and Listen, Honeydew, Ran Into God

CDs available by mail. Also available on iTunes

Sycamore Slough String Band

Sycamore Slough String Band: First Rehearsals (2012) PERF-11

Available in 96/24 audiophile from HDTracks

New Speedway Boogie, Scarlet Begonias, Bird Song, Midnight Moonlight, Cassidy-> Within You Without You-> I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Jackaroe, Stella Blue, Row Jimmy

Desert Wind, Rollin' River

David Gans and Eric Rawlins: Desert Wind, Rollin' River (2011) PERF-09

Order the CD here. Available in FLAC andMP3 from livedownloads; available in 96/24 audiophile from HDTracks

Travelin' Man, I Wish It Would Rain, Waltzing Across Texas, Caroline, Cherokee Rider, Going Back to Georgia, Kilkelly, Jacqueline, Across the Great Divide, Leavin' Louisiana, Wheels, Until I Gain Control Again, Gulf Coast Highway, Listen, Green Eyes, Salisbury Plain, Our Lady of the Well, Wild Horse Valley, What's Your Name?


3/26/11 The Stage Stop, Rollinsville, CO. Available in FLAC, MP3, and CD from livedownloads

Dawn's Early Light-> For Everyman, Therapy Blues, That's Real Love, Echolalia, Life Is a Jam-> Norwegian Wood, Quarter to Five (For Tina Loney), Like a Dog-> Lady with a Fan-> Terrapin Station-> An American Family


Missoula 9-4-10

Live at Club Meg 9/4/10 - House concert in Missoula MT. Available in high-res, CD quality and MP3 at

Dawn's Early Light-> For Everyman, Pancho and Lefty-> Save Us from the Saved-> Terrapin-> Cassidy's Cat-> I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, The Bounty of the County, That's Real Love, Lazy River Road, It's Gonna Get Better. Down to Eugene, Afterbird-> Sultans of Swing, Loser, Who Killed Uncle John?, Life Is a Jam-> Norwegian Wood, Ran Into God, Black Peter-> Blue Roses, Like a Dog-> Brokedown Palace

art by Roy Schneider

Life Is a Jam (2010) PERF-08

Studio single with Mark Karan (guitar), Mookie Siegel (keyboards), Joe Kyle, Jr. (bass), Dave Brogan (drums). Three takes, each with a unique jam at the end.

Available only as digital downloads.

The Ones That Look the Weirdest...

The Ones That Look the Weirdest Taste the Best (2008) PERF-07

Produced by Tim Carbone

Shove in the Right Direction (David Gans-Lorin Rowan) • Down to Eugene (Jim Page) • An American Family (David Gans) • That’s Real Love (Gans-Skehan-Carbone-Goessling-Grubb) • Save Us from the Saved (David Gans) • The Bounty of the County (David Gans-Rita Hurault) • Echolalia (David Gans) • Headin’ Home Already (David Gans) • Autumn Day (David Gans) • Like a Dog (Robert Hunter-David Gans) • It’s Gonna Get Better (David Gans)

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Twisted Love Songs

Twisted Love Songs (2007) PERF-06

Desert of Love • Cassidy's Cat-> San Rafael Swell • It's Gonna Get Better • Prophet and Loss • Ran into God • Autumn Day • On Frozen Pond • These Apartments • Ship of Fools-> In Another World • Four Corners • Surely You Jest • High Guy • Basin and Range • King of the Road • Quarter to Five (For Tina Loney)


Solo Electric

Solo Electric (2005) PERF-05

Shove in the Right Direction-> San Rafael Swell • Travelin' Man • Falling Star • Mud Wrestling Jam • Echolalia • Waltzing Across Texas • An American Family • Dawn's Early Light • Honeydew • Hooker River • Labor Day Jam • Like a Dog • Who Will Save Us from the Saved? • Popstar


Solo Acoustic

Solo Acoustic (2003) PERF-03

Ask Your Dog!-> I Bid You Good Night-> Return of the Grievous Angel • An American Family • Down to Eugene • Lady With a Fan-> Terrapin Station-> River and Drown-> The Minstrel • Shut Up and Listen • Sovereign Soul • Normal • The Nightmare-> Blue Roses • Black Peter-> Dear Mr. Fantasy-> Trying • Elvis Imitator • Brokedown Palace • Who Killed Uncle John? • Tear My Stillhouse Down

Review by Shaun Dale in Cosmik Debris (April 2001)
Review by Richard Proplesch @ (March 2002)

Monica Lewinsky

David Gans and the Broken Angels
Monica Lewinsky (Single) (1998) PERF-02

Monica Lewinsky (Original version) • Monica Lewinsky (Radio edit) • Travelin' Man

Home By Morning

David Gans and Eric Rawlins
Home By Morning
(1997) PERF-01

Listen • Crazy, Crazy, Crazy • Caroline • Jay's Song • Jacqueline • Live One • Cherokee Rider • Salisbury Plain • Hooker River • Travelin' Man • Green Eyes • Yellow Moon

Guest musicians include David Grisman, Bobby Black, Sally Van Meter, Darol Anger
Produced by John Lumsdaine

Live athte Powerhouse

Live at the Powerhouse (DVD) (2002)

Hyperactive-> In Another World • Lazy River Road • Waltzing Across Texas • Pancho and Lefty-> Leave Me • Blue Roses • Down to Eugene • High Guy • Terrapin Station-> River and Drown-> The Minstrel • An American Family • Who Killed Uncle John? • Rubin and Cherise-> Autumn Day • Trying • Sovereign Soul-> Thunder Road

(Contact me if you want a copy)

GratefulFest 6

Grateful Fest 6 (ArSeaEm Recording, 2006)

Dark Star Orchestra, Cornmeal, and David Gans. Recorded August 19, 2005.

DG joins Cornmeal for "Catfish John" and "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad," and performs "Dawn's Early Light-> For Everyman" and "That's Real Love" solo.

Jerry Jams, Jerry Cares

Jerry Jams, Jerry Cares

Charity CD features DG's performance of "Lazy River Road."

  Recordings by other artists that feature songs by David Gans:
"Drop the Bone," written by Peter Rowan and David Gans, on Peter's album The Old School (2013). Available on iTunes
  Recordings that feature David Gans as a guest musician:
  CDs produced or co-produced by David Gans:
Joe Burke

Joe Burke: Just Watching the Show (Perfectible PERF-16, 2017)
Available on Bandcamp

Just Watching the Show • If You Do • I Gotta • One of These Days • Ain't No
There There • Close Your Eyes • Berkeley Girl • Miss That Car • Prowlin'
Under the Moon • Be Here and Now


Well-Matched: The Best of Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia

Mystery Train • Lonely Avenue • Merl's Tune • Positively Fourth St. • After Midnight • Welcome to the Basement • Space • I Second That Emotion (previously unreleased) • The Harder They Come. Compilation by David Gans

Stolen Roses

Stolen Roses: Songs of the Grateful Dead

Cache Valley Drifters: Cumberland Blues • Cumberland Blues Cast: High Time • Pontiac Brothers: Brown-Eyed Woman• Bob Dylan: Friend of the Devil • Elvis Costello: Ship of Fools/It Must Have Been the Roses • Patti Smith Band: Black Peter • Persuasions: Black Muddy River • Sex Mob: Ripple • The Bobs: The Golden Road • Joe Gallant & Illuminati: Unbroken Chain • Wartime: Franklin's Tower • Leftover Salmon: Pasta on the Mountain • Widespread Panic: Cream Puff War • Stanford Marching Band: Uncle John's Band. Produced by David Gans

San Francisco Chronicle review by Joel Selvin 9/3/00

Might as Well

Might as Well: The Persuasions Sing Grateful Dead (out of print)

Here Comes Sunshine • Might As Well • Lazy River Road • Loose Lucy • Ripple • Brokedown Palace • Liberty • Sugaree • Ship of Fools • He's Gone • It Must Have Been the Roses • One More Saturday Night • Bertha • I Bid You Good Night • Black Muddy River. Produced by Jerry Lawson and David Gans review by Jesse Jarnow 11/2000
Music Box interview w/ David Gans by Steve Silberman 10/00
Persuading the Dead - Lost and Found Sound (NPR) feature 10/20/00
DG's Persuasions studio diary

So Many ROads (1965-1995)

So Many Roads (1965-1995)

Five CDs of previously-unreleased material. Produced by David Gans, Blair Jackson, and Steve Silberman

All Good Things

All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions

Jerry's five solo albums – Garcia, "Compliments," Reflections, Cats Under the Stars, and Run for the Roses – remastered w/ previously-unreleased bonus tracks, plus a 6th CD of unreleased studio material. Produced by David Gans, Blair Jackson, and James Austin

Postcards of the Hanging

Postcards of the Hanging: Grateful Dead Perform the songs of Bob Dylan

When I Paint My Masterpiece • She Belongs to Me • Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues • Maggie's Farm • Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again • It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry • Ballad of a Thin Man • Desolation Row • All Along the Watchtower • It's All Over Now, Baby Blue • Man of Peace. Produced by David Gans

Roots of the Grateful Dead

The Music Never Stopped: Roots of the Grateful Dead

Obray Ramsey: Rain and Snow • Merle Haggard: Mama Tried • Dixie Cups: Iko Iko • Rev. Gary Davis: Samson and Delilah • Cannon's Jug Stompers: Big Railroad Blues • Marty Robbins: El Paso • Bob Dylan: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue • Charley Patton: Spoonful • Howlin' Wolf: The Red Rooster • Chuck Berry: The Promised Land • Henry Thomas: Don't Ease Me In • Jimmy Reed: Big Boss Man • Bobby "Blue" Bland: Turn On Your Love Light • Bonnie Dobson: Morning Dew • Buddy Holly: Not Fade Away • Woody Guthrie: Goin' Down This Road Feelin' Bad • The Pindar Family with Joseph Spence: I Bid You Good Night. Produced by Henry Kaiser and David Gans

Live from Berkeley

Live from Berkeley: Performances from KPFA's Dead to the World PERF-04
A fund-raiser for public/community radio

Bill Kirchen and the Rockaholics • Keller WilliamsChris and Lorin RowanWake the DeadYonder Mountain String Band • Free Peoples • Joseph Langham and Each Others' Legend • Railroad Earth w/ Joe CravenJemimah PuddleduckDavid Nelson and Friends • Donna the BuffaloShana Morrison and Roy Rogers

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