Rubber Souldiers is the phenomenal Beatles tribute band combining the talents of Grateful Dead historian and innovative songwriter David Gans with the incomparable Rowan Brothers! This trio brings to the stage a rockabilly/jam-band revision of all your favorites from the Fab Four!










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"Beatles vocabulary with a Grateful Dead syntax... The Beatles wrote all these kick-ass songs and these amazing grooves, and then they quit 'em after three minutes. And so we're stretching them out and stringing them together."

-David Gans

"The essence of Rubber Souldiers is the harmony singing, instrumental jamming and the experimental approach. By expanding on spontaneous things that happen, we're creating our sound."

-Chris Rowan

"We've written our pieces around their pieces, our hooks around their hooks. We take some of the more obscure songs and mix them with some of the more familiar ones. We've opened it up so things flow within you and without you - to coin a phrase."

-Lorin Rowan






"The Abbey Road to unlimited devotion!" - Compass Rose

Chris Rowan - guitar, vocal
David Gans - guitar, vocals
Lorin Rowan - guitar, mandolin, vocals



"What a great show!!!!! Can you believe how many parents were dancing with their kids? And how many kids were rocking to the Beatles for the first time? I want that energy here next summer for a concert on our lawn." - C.J. Hirschfield, Children's Fairyland, Oakland CA



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