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"Weirdest" one-sheet (PDF) Interview w/ Randy Ray 12/08

Reviews of The Ones That Look the Weirdest Taste the Best:
Bill Whiting @ Honest Tune
Jud Conway @ KindWeb
John Patrick Gatta @

David McGee @ Bluegrass Special

Relix (June 2007) review of Twisted Love Songs (PDF)

The Life and Times of David Gans - inkwell.vue interview's musicians spotlight (June 2006)

David Gans: Dialed In by Chad Berndtson
Glide Magazine 8/31/05 (PDF)

David Gans: Workingman's Artist by Randy Ray 8/9/05 (PDF)

Longtime music journalist pursues solo performing career by Ron Wynn
Nashville City Paper 7/20/05

20 Questions with David Gans by Dennis Cook, July 2005 (PDF)

Review of Carrboro NC show
by Paul Kerr 4/19/04 (PDF)

Sovereign Soul: David Gans by Robert Meme 3/24/04 (PDF)

A Cosmik Conversation with David Gans by Shaun Dale
Cosmik Debris Magazine April 2003

Beyond the Dead Zone: David Gans finds life after the Grateful Dead By Omar Perez
New Times (South Florida) 3/28/03

Review of Solo Acoustic by Richard Proplesch (March 2002)

Review of Solo Acoustic by Ray Hogan 6/19/01

Profile by Art Howard
Voyager Magazine 4/23/01

Review of Solo Acoustic by Shaun Dale
Cosmik Debris 4/01

Slow Trains Literary Journal vol. 2, issue 3

Interview by Ross Kurzer
Digital Interviews 5/2000

Review of Greensboro NC show by Tim Cripe
The Lonely Goat 5/2000 (PDF)

David Gans Comes to Blue Rock Shoot by Jeff Kearns
Saratoga (CA) News 12/15/99

I'd Love to Turn You On by R. Lucente 12/3/99

David Gans: Making Sure That the Music Never Stops by Michelle Cordle
The Music Monitor

Hail from the Chief (Deadhead) by Cynthia Robins
San Francisco Examiner 7/8/98

Interview re Mutilaudio by Cynthia Dyer-Bennet
MicroTimes 10/5/95

Heart to Heart with David Gans by Alan Sheckter
Gray Areas


Live at the Powerhouse DVD sampler
quicktime movie

DG at Mystic Hot Springs 2/6/06
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Review of Solo Electric by Andy Tennille
Relix, April/May 2006 (PDF)

Life with the Dead: David Gans Finds His Own Muse Onstage by James Lee
Post and Courier (
Charleston SC), January 2006 (PDF)

Tampa FL Weekly Planet, January 2006 (PDF)

Beyond the Dead by Dan Hopmann
IDS Weekend
(Bloomington IN), July 2005 (PDF)

Radio Head: David Gans Celebrates 20 Years of Dead Air by Richard B. Simon
Relix, June 2005 (PDF)

Forever Grateful by Chris Connelly, April 2005 (PDF)

His Hour to Shine
by Paul Liberatore
arin Independent-Journal, March 2005 (PDF)