David Gans
Solo Electric

This is the demo I've been circulating in pursuit of management and a recording deal. I'm long overdue for a CD release, so I decided to put this out so these songs can be heard. It's a burned CD with minimal packaging (that's the cover art up there), but the audio quality is first-rate. Eventually I'll do something more polished and properly packaged. I've got other CDs and a concert DVD available; more information on those releases, plus lyrics, mailing list signup, tour dates, set lists, online music archives, etc., at www.trufun.com


Shove in the Right Direction->
San Rafael Swell

Upbeat (thematically and musically) advice followed by an insouciant loop jam.
Travelin' Man
Midtempo Americana.
Falling Star (listen)
Mud Wrestling Jam
Weird-ass one-of-a-kind improv-isation that starts out quiet and picks up energy a few minutes in.
Echolalia (listen)
Fingerpicking masterpiece.
Waltzing Across Texas
Country weeper.
An American Family
Social realism.
Dawn's Early Light (listen)
Sweet loop jam recorded in my living room in January 2005. I worked on it for a while, went and did something else for a couple of hours, and then came back with some more ideas.
Upbeat, jammy; randy lyric.
Hooker River
Apocalyptic Americana.
Labor Day Jam
Another one that starts out quiet, but this one kinda stays that way.
Like a Dog
Dark, menacing Hunter lyric.
Who Will Save Us from the Saved? (listen)
Speaking truth to power.
Randy Newman and Martin Mull meet Jorma in a bar in the '70s.

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All songs by David Gans © Whispering Hallelujah (BMI) except: "Like a Dog" by Robert Hunter and David Gans © Ice Nine Publishing (ASCAP) & Whispering Hallelujah (BMI); and "Shove in the Right Direction" by David Gans and Lorin Rowan © Whispering Hallelujah (BMI) & LoRo Music (ASCAP)

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