Life Is a Jam

Life Is a Jam
words and music by David Gans

David Gans - guitar, vocal
Mark Karan - lead guitar
Mookie Siegel - keyboards
Joe Kyle, Jr. - bass
Dave Brogan - drums
Zac Matthews, Bear Kittay - background vocals

Recorded by Jeremy Goody at Megasonic Sound, Piedmont CA
Drawing by Roy Schneider

Each track is a different performance of the song, followed by a unique jam.

1. Life Is a Jam-> After Break ("A" side) 9:25
2. Life Is a Jam-> E Minor Jam ("B" side) 7:49
3. Life Is a Jam-> First Keeper ("Bonus track") 9:22

ife Is a Jam by Roy Schneider



* We pressed up a batch of CDs to send to radio stations, and we're selling some of those at a premium price to help defray the costs of getting this thing out into the world. Ordering info coming soon.