The Persuasions
at Bay Records in Berkeley, California, May 28-June 8, 2000
recording Might as Well: The Persuasions Sing Grateful Dead
scheduled for release in October 2000 on Grateful Dead Records
produced by Jerry Lawson and David Gans
engineer: Mike Cogan
executive producer: Rip Rense

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll wrote four columns about the Persuasions project:
June 13, June 14, June 15, and June 22.


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The fabulous a cappella quartet Mary Schmary joined the fabulous a cappella quintet The Persuasions to add magic to Might As Well: The Persuasions Sing Grateful Dead.
Left to right: Myriam Casimir, Raymond Sanders, Desiree Pointer, Alyn Kelley, Cynsa Bonorris, Jimmy Hayes, Jayotis Washington.

Left to right: David Gans, Rip Rense, Joe Russell, Ray Sanders, Jim Hayes, mandolinist Eric Thompson, Jerry Lawson, Jayotis Washington, engineer Mike Cogan.

Pete Grant tuning up the Dobro he didn't play on the CD.
He wound up playing a Zephyr ten-string Dobro instead.

David Gans, Raymond Sanders

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