David Gans and Eric Rawlins have been making music together, mostly at parties and occasionally in public, for more than 20 years. Recorded before a live audience in David's living room in Oakland, this album includes original compositions and many of their favorite songs by others and highlights the warmth of their musical friendship over time.

Originally released by Festivalink in 2012 as a download, Desert Wind, Rollin' River is now available on CD. Recorded by the legendary Stephen Barncard (American Beauty, If I Could Only Remember My Name...) and mastered in HDCD™ by Dave Glasser.


An Americana album by David Gans and Eric Rawlins

1. Travelin' Man
2. I Wish It Would Rain
3. Waltzing Across Texas (hear it here)
4. Caroline
5. Cherokee Rider
6. Going Back to Georgia
7. Kilkelly
8. Jacqueline (here it here)
9. Across the Great Divide
10. Leavin' Louisiana in the Broad Daylight
11. Wheels
12. Until I Gain Control Again
13. Gulf Coast Highway
14. Listen
15. Green Eyes
16. Salisbury Plain
17. Our Lady of the Well
18. Wild Horse Valley
19. What's Your Name?



Also available in FLAC andMP3 from festivalink and livedownloads; available in 96/24 audiophile from HDTracks